Tuesday, December 8

Pre-Blog Prerequisite


Firstly, hello, let me introduce myself. I'm Lian (Lee-un) and yes I am a guy. I'm 16, and live in Hong Kong.

Three facts about myself.

1) I find the word Massapequa (despite me being both British, and never having visited the place) highly amusing to both say and spell.

2) When I was seven years old, after watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch, I believed that a mini-bar consisted of a little man serving you drinks on demand.

3) I often sing songs that are stuck in my head, in spite of the fact that I am tone death. This hasn't helped with the socialising. Hence, blog. Internet friends! Out of this very dynamic duo (myself obviously being Batman) I am the film blogger. Let me make it clear, I am not a film expert, and do not pretend to be, however film is my passion and this blog will act as a learning tool for me, as well as the huge masses of you that will be undoubtedly reading this.

Secondly, (and I think it's important to have a secondly,) let me introduce my art. Film, Readers, Readers, Film. Film is quite an old fellow. It's debatable exactly when Film was born. Some people believe it was during the good old decade of the 1860's when essentially stop motion was brought to life. Images could be played together at high-speed to give off the effect of film. In fact, one of the first 'motion pictures' was made to settle a bet to show whether or not a horse fully left the ground whilst gallopping. It turned out it did, and the guy lost the bet, however invented arguably the first film. In 1888 (that's a fair few 8's) was the first film made using a motion picture camera which was basically just of some peeps in a garden.( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1i40rnpOsA ) Fun stuff! Film became more and more developed over time, introducing cuts (oh yes,) audio (shock horror,) and even colour!! D.W Griffith (silly name) invented how we see most normal film and television today! This isn't a history lesson, so wiki it if you're really interested!

Anyway, the film couture should be very good and I do apologise for a poor worded entry, but I was just excited to write to all you marvellous people!

Happy readings!

Lian Furness x


Hello, I'm Katie. I feel quite odd writing a blog but
when you are passionate about something why not?
Batman and I (apparently I am now Robin) teamed up to
create a film-fashion inspired blog where we write down
our thoughts and feelings about certain movies and
their costumes and all the other dirty details.
I am 17, Live in Hong Kong and love it. There is
something so amazing about it, with everyone minding
their own business yet watching you whilst you do your
everyday routine.
I decided not to write so much (like someone above..wink wink) as I wanted you to be
able to just read about fashion on this blog, not me.

Fashion for me is important, shows your personality and
the way you put yourself together to be honest, I could
spend forever just looking at clothes.
I am leaving next year to go to London to study at The
London collge of fashion and I am pumped, let me tell
you that!